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Mosher & associates is a full service insurance
company offering a wide range of products and services.

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Insurance & Risk Management
The “Mosher Way”

Professional Attention to detail Respectful of your information Considerate of your time

Our Needs Analysis Process

  1. Mosher & associates will ask for your existing policies. Typically if we have it for a day we can get it back to you the next day. Please keep in mind we only utilize this policy as a baseline as we never rely on others’ analysis, right or wrong.
  2. Our Risk Management Team analyzes the policies.
  3. We formulate a "Fact Find" from our analysis. This Fact Find will usually take about 30 minutes of your time to go over with us.
  4. We work with our partner carriers to put forth a comprehensive Insurance plan that best protects your assets and no more.
  5. We present you with our options.

Our goal is always to “Save You Money”. This savings is not always “premium” savings, but may very well be savings at the time of a loss. Ultimately this is how we will be measured.

Thank you for your trust, we take this trust very seriously.

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